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We enjoy thinking out of the box, we don't do "advertising", we don't "sell", we raise interest, we awaken desire.

With more than 15 years experience in producing and directing documentaries and audio-visual work, both for cinema and TV as well as for clients in the humanitarian field we are proud to offer our creative solutions. We like to be involved in projects from the very beginning, from brainstorming and conceptualization, budgeting and writing through various aspects of international production to all layers of post production and delivery.


And feel free to use our hammock.

  • Production and direction of audio-visual work, worldwide 

  • Interviewing on life stories and humanitarian and development issues

  • Still photography, image editing, image captioning

  • Video shooting, video editing, audio engineering

  • Writing, editing written work, static layout, graphic design

  • Creative consulting, communications strategy

  • Webdesign

  • English - German - Spanish

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