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Three Feature Length Documentarys - 90 min each

Director: Anabel Rodriguez




In Co-production with berghammer films (Austria), MC2 Productions (France) and Sancocho Publico (Venezuela)

Indigenous artist DIXON leaves his urban life in Caracas to search for his identity and soul in the lost city of their ancestors deep in the Amazon, whilst flamboyantly gay singer/politician ADALBERTO is campaigning and performing in the gold mines killing the forest. Two journeys dancing through the Amazonian Armageddon.

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In Co-production with Sancocho Publico (Venezuela)

The Wachuriwä or “Invisible People” are the highest authority of the indigenous Uwottuja people in the Venezuelan Amazon. In their view of the world, the Invisible People are like “us”, just that we cannot see them. They can only be contacted by the wise men, the shamans, who know the secrets of the breath of all beings. 

“I used to be invisible and when I was 14 I decided to become physical', claims Carlos Morales (45), a Uwottuja social fighter and protagonist of our story. His mission is to transcribe the orally transmitted Uwottuja law and for that he is working on a map of their territory Teärime Siri’koi Aerime Suititi.


To complete this map and to fulfil the Invisible People’s order to communicate, he must go on a mission to holy Autana mountain, where the Invisible People live, to consult the highest Uwottuja laws. In this journey he will encounter newly invaded mining areas. According to their law, the extraction of minerals kills the atmosphere and those who do so are condemned. 


And then, in front of holy Autana mountain, he will encounter the Invisible People and we will receive their message to the world.

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In Co-production with  Sancocho Publico (Venezuela)

In the face of the invasion of her Amazonian territory by guerrilla and narco miners, 95 year old Dernia of the Venezuelan Uwottuja nation has to reunite with her daughter and granddaughter to accomplish her last mission: To build the house of wisdom and to transmit her knowledge to the next generation.

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The Spiritual Trilogy
The Sportclubfilm


(Working Title)

Documentary - 90 min

Director: Sepp R. Brudermann & Markus Wailand

There is a football club in Hernals, Vienna (Austria) called Wiener Sportclub. 

Its ground is the oldest football ground in continental Europe, the past full of glory and tradition, and yet, they play in the third Austrian tier for many years. Their fans who show up in thousands every week, are alternative and mostly left-wing and they do not care. The whole club is proud of its family feeling and its pillar which are "no racism, no sexism, no antisemitism" - no matter in which league they play.

Now, after years of debate and discussion, finally a new stadion will be built, the ambition of the club is to go up to the first league, to Europe, to connect to those days where they beat Juventus Turin 7:0 in the European quarter finals in 1958.

But will this ambition go well with the "family feeling"? How will they manage to bridge the gap between success and and the non-commercial attitude? 

We will follow the last season in the old stadion, its demolition and the process of rebuilding, where maybe one has to let go to embrace the new, on many levels.

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